The Origin Story

Some think that Springdale, PA gets its nickname
the Power City from the two electric power stations along the river. But there is another potent source of power in town Big Fat Jazz!

BFJ is a 20 member jazz band known for its high-energy sound and repertoire of classic and contemporary jazz, swing, blues, and Latin numbers. Our mission is to keep the music of Stan Kenton, Maynard Ferguson, Duke Ellington, Brian Setzer, and many others for the pleasure of audiences throughout Western Pennsylvania.

The body and soul of Big Fat Jazz is fueled by talent from all over the greater Pittsburgh area and our great love for ensemble jazz performance. Tap into the energy of Big Fat Jazz at a music festival or community event in your area!


Mark Alese
Jim Contento
Al Frantik
Jeff Rothman
PJ Simpson

Yitzchak Cowen
Pat Yaconis
Ted Martin
Casey Bavera

Mike Bodnar
Ray Heller
Mike Hone
Will Holby

Gene Hudak
Kenn Lippert
Race Dauer
Randy Broker

BFJ performs at the Westmoreland
Arts & Heritage Festival.






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